When you don’t have time to sit down and comb through pages and pages of search results on the internet but you need some inspiration, help on how to teach a lesson or lead a discussion, or just to know that you’re not alone, what can you do? Listen to a podcast! Listen on your drive to school or when you’re running errands. Maybe set aside some time during the week to catch the latest episode. Podcasts are incredible resources that you can take with you on the go.  

This curated list spans from fun and light-hearted stories to resources and tools to help you build equity in your classroom and school environment. These hosts bring in experts and thought leaders across a multitude of topics to give you insights, inspiration, and confidence to keep moving forward in your class. We hope that you find something that speaks to you to add to your queue today! 

The Leading Equity Podcast – Join Dr. Eakins and his guests as they bring knowledge, experience, and stories to help educators on the road to equity in their classrooms and schools. Each episode is focused on how to support student advocates (teachers) to not accept the status quo, to speak up on behalf of others, and most importantly, to equip students with the resources they need to thrive in the classrooms and the world beyond. 

Crying in My Car – There are some things you just have to laugh about, either because it’s so sad or so incredibly unbelievable. Comedian Devin Seibold shares his thoughts and insights on things going on in the world of education and other related topics. You will probably laugh. You might cry. You will definitely learn something. 

EdCuration – If you’re looking for impactful teaching & learning resources, you’ll find them here! EdCuration interviews educators about their favorite curriculum products. Discover new resources and strategies that will make a huge impact on your classroom.

Truth for Teachers – Listen and learn endless ways to create a positive, inclusive classroom culture right where you are. This podcast provides everything from how to set boundaries with parents to culturally relevant curriculum. A National Board Certified Teacher, Angela Watson shares her experiences and knowledge and includes tons of support for social-emotional learning and blended teaching models. 

Cult of Pedagogy – Hosted by a former teacher, this podcast publishes highly-researched topics, classroom support and resources, and a diverse pool of guest speakers. Jennifer Gonzalez says about her podcast, “if it has to do with teaching, we’re talking about it.” With such a wide variety of topics, Cult of Pedagogy is sure to have something you’re looking for. 

Teachers Need Teachers – This podcast has been inactive since 2020, but the information still rings true! Journey with Kim and discover how to navigate your first years of teaching, balancing work and home life. She doesn’t want you to just survive, but thrive in those important years! With short episodes, you can hear tips and tricks on organization, classroom management, engaging lessons, and even how to write a great teacher resume. As a beginning teacher, we know it’s overwhelming. But having a resource who can talk you through big topics can make things so much easier. 

Our Podcasts Picks for Your Subject 

ESL Talk – If you are thinking about teaching ESL/English, if you are already teaching it, or if you want to improve your English teaching skills, this is the podcast for you! Each week, ESL Talk provides strategies, techniques, advice, and skills to help you improve as a teacher, and how to be more effective both inside and outside the classroom. 

Lab Out Loud – Lab Out Loud has been hosted by two science teachers for over fifteen years! The podcast discusses science news and education with leading scientists, researchers, science writers and other important figures in the field. 

The Teaching History Her Way Podcast – If you want to teach culturally responsive history, this podcast is for you! CherylAnne Amendola uncovers hidden history, a little pedagogy, and a lot of ways to improve your teaching mindset.  

Making Math Moments That Matter – Discover how you can build easy and fun math lessons that kids LOVE! Tap into K-12 assessment, differentiation, student behavior, engagement, problem solving, math fact fluency, and common teacher challenges. 

Art Ed Radio – It’s easy to recycle lesson plans year after year, but how can you easily spark your own creativity in the classroom? The Art Ed Radio has tons of topics for you (and your students) to explore. From gamified activities to unconventional media and techniques, to mental health, to general advice–this podcast has it all. 

There are so many podcasts out there to help teachers just like you, but it might take some time to find the perfect one for your development and classroom. Hopefully this list points you in the right direction. Happy listening! 

The MI Write Team

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With past lives that range from restaurant servers and sales reps to teachers and models, the MI Write team has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom to share with readers!  
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