In the Words of Ross Gellar: PIVOT!

PIVOT – the word for the 2020-2021 school year. There are also words and phrases like learning loss, zoombombing, unstable connection, and asynchronous. 

This past year has introduced a whole new level of challenges that we’ve never seen before. But challenges in the classroom are nothing new. These just have new names and virtual faces. Educators tend to be quite flexible and are generally ones who make the best out of difficult situations, which is why they – you – have been able to work through this year and come out on top of those challenges. 

While there’s still a ways to go to get out from under the weight of COVID-19, we feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and ever brighter. But looking ahead to the next school year is impossible without looking back and reflecting. We are proud of the educators who have taken this year to learn and grow into better teachers. Here’s how some teachers have described the last year in five words: 

  • “Exceptional, unique, rewarding, learning curve” – Emily P. from PA. 
  • “Challenging, unpredictable, inspiring, thankful, innovative” – Melissa D. from NC. 
  • “Tough by necessary to grow” – Brianna from GA. 
  • “Amazing, challenging, full, fun, & meaningful” – Valerie E. from KS. 

As summer flies by, the country is gradually opening back up and settling into a new version of normal, and we are wondering what next year will look like. The pandemic has undoubtedly revealed a myriad of challenges but has also tapped into strengths and innovation that we’ve never seen before. Be encouraged as you begin to plan for the new year. Keep what’s good and work to improve it. Make modifications to what didn’t work. Throw out what’s bad. 

How are you pivoting this year?

The MI Write Team

Measurement Incorporated

With past lives that range from restaurant servers and sales reps to teachers and models, the MI Write team has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom to share with readers!  
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